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La Marchesina

The Hotel & Restaurant La Marchesina is in Italy at Teggiano in the Province of Salerno.

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Tourism & Holidays at Teggiano in the Cilento Vallo di Diano Alburni National Park

La Marchesina Hotel offers the opportunity to visit with short trips the most charming places of the
Cilento,Vallo Di Diano and Alburni National Park; the Park is member of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1998 in recognition of the exceptional quality of the landscape and cultural sites of the region.
The Park meets all desires and passions of the travelers; it preserves wonderful places like : rivers, hills, old towns, castles, museums, forests, sea and much more.

The Hotel offers a charming view on the medieval old town of
Teggiano, the antique Tegianum, UNESCO World Heritage site;
Teggiano is located on a hill at 640 metres above sea level overlooking the whole valley.
The city tour is the first essential step, where you can admire the central square and San Cono Obelisk (Saint San Cono is the Patron of the city),
the Macchiarolis Castle (built in 1285 and Sanseverinos residence) famous for the "Congiura dei Baroni" in 1484 and for the "Assedio di Diano" in 1497,
the Cathedral rich in art treasures, including a 13th-century pulpit in white stone by Melchiorre da Montalbano;
numerous medieval churches as Sant'Angelo Church 11th-century dated, the Diocesan Seminary, museums and antique shops.
In August you can not miss the "Tavola della Principessa Costanza", a reenactment with eno-gastronomic route between the ancient streets of the medieval village; the buses stop to the historic centre is only 100 metres far from the Hotel.

Just 15 kilometres far from the Hotel we find
Padula, known for the Certosa di San Lorenzo, founded in 1306 and today is an UNESCO World Heritage site.
The Padula's monastery keeps a inestimable artistic heritage as the Grand cloister; this cloister is large 12 thousand square meters surrounded by 84 columns (the largest cloister in the world) and the dual elliptical staircase ramp that leads to the promenade deck with large openings viewing over the gardens.
Don't miss out on visiting in Padula: the San Michele Church and its ancient scrolls, the Annunciation Church with the "Trecento of Pisacane" ossuary and the Joe Petrosino birthplace.

About 10 miles far from Teggiano, here's the Orchids' Valley in
Sassano, a place that offers unique emotions.
In the spring flowering over 200 varieties of wild orchids dress up the valley and the hills of thousand colors.
At other times of the year the landscape is equally fascinating: ancient villages, churches, and the Cervati mountain offer glimpses of other times.

Pertosa's caves is a charming and fascinating place, reachable in about 20 minutes by car.
The prehistoric caves have been formed 35 million years ago by an ancient underground river and were inhabited in the Neolithic age.
Today the caves are navigable and accessible to all, providing Karst halls of majestic size and evocative natural settings for a path total of about 3 km long.
Don't miss "L' Inferno di Dante" set inside the caves where sounds and colors create unique effects.

The ancient town
Roscigno Vecchia gives unique moments;
moving a few kilometres from the Vallo Di Diano, along routes that offers stunning views over the countryside, you can reach the Cilento enchanted village where the time seems to have stopped.
It is a very picturesque and misterious place which has inspired poets and filmmakers from around the world.

The pristine
beaches in Sapri, Scario, Maratea, Camerota and Palinuro close this list of riches; at only 30 minutes far from the Hotel, there is the Policastro Gulf, pivotal point to exploring the beautiful maritime countries.
The sea is not only relaxing, the maritime towns deserve a visit, being rich in interesting historical sites, as the numerous Saracen watchtowers overlooking the crystal-clear sea and small Mediterranean ports.


This year the beaches of the Cilento were awarded with 10 "blue flags" for quality and cleanliness of the water, the beaches and the hospitality.

A little more distant from the Vallo di Diano there are Paestum with its temples, Velia with archaeological excavations, the villages of Cilento, Ascea, Pisciotta and Pollica, the archaeological excavations of grumentum, the peak of the Sirino and the Pertusillo's dam in Potenza.

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